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laser acupuncture centre

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Jumaat, 22 April 2011



laser acupuncture newspaper

ENGLISH translation

Innovation Technology in
Laser Acupuncture makes
Beauty Treatment  
more effective      

Combined treatment of Gold with Laser  Acupuncture in Beauty  skin care.  This is the first time where fine Acupuncture needles are used in treatment with Laser Therapy.  In these days with innovation Technology of Beauty treatment, Acupuncture functions in a way that traditional healing is introduced in combination with using Laser.

Aware of Technological development and advances in Treatment, Acupuncture also experienced in transformation, owner of Dii Laila Beauty, Mdm Roselty Mohd Saleh, offers the treatment of Laser Acupuncture to overcome chronic problems in the beauty.
As for Laser Acupuncture treatment, this should be done at Laser Acupuncture Centre at Parklane Shopping Mall at Selegie Road.

Mdm Roselty works with Mr Rodney Lim who is also her friend for more than 20 years who offers her Laser Acupuncture treatment.
“Customers initially see me and if I find out their condition such as Acne, chronic Facial breakouts or severe Pigmentation, I will refer to Laser Acupuncture Centre for treatment”.  Once completed, the customer will come back to me to continue their Facial Beauty treatment at Kembangan Plaza.

At  our Centre, customers will go through Facial treatment using machine.  Mdm Roselty with 35 years experience in the Beauty treatment said that when Gold is combined with Laser Acupuncture, the treatment can be used to help grow skin tissues.
She offers packages costing $250 for treatment including Laser Acupuncture.

Mr Lim said Laser Acupuncture is a modality apart from Beauty Skin care is also used by Doctors to treat chronic Pain Management such as Low Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, High Blood Pressure, Diabetic, Stroke, Heart Disease, Cholesterol in addition to Anti-ageing & Skin Rejuvenation.

 Mr Lim explained the principle of Laser and Classical  Acupuncture treatment is based on the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles in achieving the Harmony and the coordination of Balance in body function.
Research shows its efficacy  in coordinating the harmonious functions of the Circulatory, Digestive, Kidney, Endocrine and Lymphatic systems etc will improve their Skin and overall general health.
The advantage of Laser Technology in this treatment is that it saves time, does not cause pain, infection, no cause of muscle movement, safety and the Dosage of Laser Energy can be quantified with no side effects.
Laser works by stimulating certain Acupoints of the Meridians.  The Acupoints are located all over our Body with Peripheral nerves close to the central nervous systems and the emitted Laser energy  will provide stimulus and impulses transfer through the spinal cord to the Brain to release the Neurotransmitters and Hormones to promote healing.

In fact, the Laser light energy travels faster than Magnetic energy with higher efficacy than the Classical Acupuncture. Those interested can call Mdm Roselty on-line 9027-5744 or Mr Lim 6742-9883 or 9628-6053.

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laser acupuncture newspaper
laser acupuncture newspaper
laser acupuncture newspaper

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