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Healing Hands
Frankly, my journey towards becoming a registered acupuncturist has been one that has been made possible by the divine. Prior to becoming a registered acupuncturist, I had been involved in engineering at Rediffusion, a broadcasting station, as well as a medical company. It was through these undertakings that I had built a foundation in technical skills and subsequently became a technical manager at Radar Devices, Inc (RDI), where I was responsible for sourcing distributors for the company from Korea down to Indonesia.

Three years into the job, I decided to marry my interest in technology with the work that I have learned to be proficient in, and began to look for product distribution. It was through a chance opportune that I discovered the benefits of laser, and how it works wonder as a great modality for pain, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. When my condition of ankle oedemas got healed, against the better judgement of allopathic doctors who could do nothing to alleviate the pain & discomfort. I was all the more convinced with the benefits of laser.

This was how I started to distribute laser and even attended a series of laser therapy courses and overseas trainings in Europe to better understand the science behind this product.

In Singapore, my medical company Mediline Biolase Technology was the first to introduce the use of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) – something that made news on radio and TV.  Thereafter, all the major hospitals in Singapore started to use our products in their treatments. Shortly after, the product was introduced to Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. To create greater awareness of our products, we also participated in many medical exhibitions, conferences, as well as seminars, both at home and abroad.

It was not until I tried to introduce LLLT to Chinese physicians for pain relief treatments that I became acquainted with Chinese physician Mr. W. H. Chew, who turned out to be the President of the Singapore Acupuncture Association. Under his influence, I developed an interest in acupuncture and decided to pursue this field in my career.

In 1988, I graduated in Clinical Acupuncture from the School of Acupuncture.

With a rise in the use of lasers in conventional medicine, and having witnessed its efficacy with my own eyes, I was confident that it could be used as a modality to naturally treat the human body of pain and without the side effects of drugs. Through my studies, I recognised the similarities in the pain-relieving mechanism of lasers and acupuncture. Convinced that there is healing in the two put together, I decided to start a laser acupuncture centre.

Reaching Out to Others

Through my business, I have developed a better understanding on how the human body functions and learned more about pain management. As a health caregiver, I strive to do my best to help my patients heal through natural treatments, especially when their allopathic or mainstream doctors can only recommended surgery for them to recover. 

To help patients better appreciate the power of acupuncture, I even conducted my own research on its effect and inform my patients of such. In my research, I bring to attention the efficacy of Classical Acupuncture, which
consists of two modalities namely the needle (Yin), as well as Moxa, a herbal roll (Yang), which is not usually used this day. In my research, I acupunctured on papayas and found that the treatments helped delay the process of aging, or rather ripening of the fruit. In addition, the papayas ripened beautifully, on the outside to inside and tasted very sweet with fresh juicy texture.

mr lim

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Try it and feel the Difference as it is the Natural Treatment of Today for Adult & Children.

In the course of running my business, it is important for me to be aware of our happenings so that I can plan my marketing strategies accordingly. For example, when I found out that acupuncture has helped Mariah Carey conceive, I started to focus my marketing efforts on promoting women’s wellness through laser acupunctural packages. When it comes to keeping up with competition, I find it most effective to create another services to match their budget accordingly. Being well-read and resourceful also helped me generate ideas and come up with new ways to make my business one-of-a-kind and successful.

To me, leaving a good impression on first time customers is very important as word of mouth is one of the most effective advertising modes. But that aside, we also rely on marketing campaigns through our website – a cost effective way to promote my company’s presence since it is a 24 hours by 7 days site that enables people to make enquiry as and when they like. Other means of advertising avenues include Facebook, the medical services directory in newspapers, as well as through networking.

By effectively reaching out to others through the course of my profession, success can be achieved when I can share my knowledge with them, and when they benefit from my services and then tell others about me.

Insights into My Business

On hindsight, my success is the result of turning my hobby into my work. My success is also necessarily the fruits of my patience, perseverance and passion. Finally, my success is made possible as I make myself available to learn from others.

To date, one of my greatest success, as well as milestones in my career, took place in May 2007, when I was earmarked the first in Singapore to use laser in acupunctural treatments.

As I continue to pursue my interest and grow my business, it is my hope to set up a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospital that operates very much like an allopathic hospital.

Rodney Lim is an electronic engineer by training before he embarked to work in the medical field of TCM and painless laser acupuncture.

He founded Laser Acupuncture Centre in 1988 and pioneered the use of laser in acupunctural treatments in Singapore. He is often referred by his friend as a 'Techno-Acupuncturist' as he had applied his technical knowledge in trouble-shooting the human body.  He was also a Chartered Member of the International Laser Therapy Association, UK in 1991.

Rodney received the Singapore Book of Records Awards for being the first to use Laser for Acupuncture in 2007!  He believes that painless laser energy is one of the 21st century solutions to the healthcare needs in our community.


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