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trouble-shooting the human body

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laser acupuncture centre trouble shooting the human body

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How Mr. Rodney Lim being an Electronics Engineer becomes a Healthcare Practitioner?

This is all how it began, after completing his National Service in the then Ministry of Defence, Mr Lim was attracted to join the Ship building industry at that time which was a Sunrise industry.  However, he was offered a 5-year Traineeship course in Audio, Video¸CCTV, Broadcasting & Color Television Engineering with Rediffusion (S) Pte Ltd. The Compay was the only private Cable Audio Broadcasting Company in Singapore after Radio & Television Singapore (RTS).  He completed the Traineeship course in 3 years and was promoted to Trainee Engineer working in various Engineering Departments.

One can say that he was ‘born’ in Rediffusion where he received most of his practical training.  He  had also won a Scholarship from the Company to study at the Singapore Polytechnic and was sent to overseas for Integrated Security Training in Paris, France and in  London, UK.
Being with Rediffusion for about 8 years, he left to join Radar Devices, Inc of USA which was a Manufacturer of Marine Radar Collision Devices where he handled Marine Radar, Satellite Navigator and Satellite Communication as a Technical Manager in charge of the Far East Region were he travelled extensively from Korea down to Indonesia.

Being trained as an Electronics Engineer, he handled various engineering related work dealing  with advanced technology.  After about 3 years in the Marine Industry, he left to join a medical company and it was there that he had picked up the relevant experience but unfortunately the company reorganisation had led him to be their subcontractor and that was how he found his own company dealing with Medical equipment.

He discovered the healing powers of lasers in a medical exhibition  as they healed his ankle problem which persisted despite the Allopathic medicine used before and led to his decision to start their distribution. He was the pioneer to introduce the Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  He attended the Laser Therapy Course in Space Laser in Italy in 1986 and an “ND YAG Laser and acupuncture” course in Beijing in1987. As he travelled around the Asia as required by his job, he also discovered the healing powers of acupuncture and attended various talks and preceptorships and received a diploma in Acupuncture in Singapore in1989.  He then combined the 2 main interests and formed the Laser Acupuncture Centre, where he has the license to practise laser acupuncture using low-power lasers.

In his treatment, he applies a holistic approach to treating his clients’ medical problems and is based on the eastern medicine’s meridian energy flow theory. The common issues his patients suffer from include Smoke Addiction, Sleep Deficiency, Hair Loss, Obesity, Skin problems. He receives a fair amount of tourists of all races in his centre. Mr Lim explains, “ At Laser Acupuncture Centre, we troubleshoot the human body to diagnose the root causes and approach the problems holistically and focus on natural healing. By applying this philosophy and channelling these concepts into our treatment, we help the body recover faster and eliminate pain with the aid of our professional lasers. The positive feedback we receive is astounding, we only hope more people will discover our ways of treating the human body.” On top of that, he also manages another company called Mediline Biolase Technology, which focuses on the local distribution of internationally recognised Laser Machinery to medical institutions.

“I’m lucky to have taken up an electronic engineering career,” he elaborates. “ I went through all kinds of training and technological changes. I was working within the broadcasting system, then the black and white tv, then colour tv. The troubleshooting procedures involved with all these systems have helped me greatly with understanding my patients’ ailments. My best reward is to see the improved health of my patients.”

Mr Lim finds many similarities between troubleshooting a broken machine and a body that is not functioning well. He says: “Similar to a TV, each part of the body has got its control function. Once you know which part controls what function,  it’s easy to identify the source of the problem simply judging by the symptoms of pain or appearance”. He agrees that his background experience in engineering has helped him tremendously in his quest to “troubleshoot” the human body and treat the probem at its root.

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