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Research: Report

How the Acupuncture Effect Defies the Laws of Gravity?

OBJECTIVE : To find out the Effect of Acupuncture Needles on full grown Papaya Tree.

Materials : A Blossom Papaya Tree with Six (6) Papayas, with Two (2) almost fully grown unripe papayas, 5 Nos. 1” Needles and 3 Nos. 1.5” Needles.

Introduction : The use of Acupuncture in Farming is a relatively new subject although we may have heard of some Farmers in Taiwan experimenting on some Fruit trees but to date there is no scientific papers.

Earlier in my paper, “How Laser Acupuncture Redefines Classical Acupuncture”, which was presented in the 4th International Congress of Traditional Medicine from 17 – 19 November 2007, organize by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and hosted by Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association. I have shown that the Needle Energy being Magnetic with its Yin action could ripe a bunch of harvested unripe (Green) Bananas to ripe naturally.

With this principle in mind, the research was carried out on the 16 December 2008 where 5 Nos. 1” Needles used in normal Acupuncture Treatment was inserted on the Papaya Tree with Six (6) Papayas on it.

Method : Initially the Papaya Tree with its Fruits was wrapped with Black Plastic Bag to prevent insects and birds from attacking the Papayas.

The treatment started on December 16; once the Papaya Tree was acupunctured, all the Black Plastic Bags were removed and the Papayas were exposed to the Elements. Initially, the 5 Nos. 1” Needles were inserted into the Papaya Tree. Once in Two (2) days the Needles were manipulated and the ripening effects observed but it was very slow.

With each passing day, the Papayas eventually turned ‘Yellow’ and it was until December 31 where it was observed that the when Papayas were fully ripen and could be plucked and be eaten. However, for the purpose of this Research the Papayas were not harvested but another 3 Nos. 1.5” Needles were added to strengthen the Acupuncture Effects.

However, by 3rd January 2009, it was observed that Two (2) of the Papayas were extremely ripen thus it would be a waste if the Papayas were to drop naturally and could be smashed up. Thus, the Two (2) extremely ripen Papayas were plucked.

Observation :
There were few vital effects occurred on the Papaya with the Acupuncture Treatment as below :

  1. Upon cutting the ripen Papaya, it was observed that the Anterior core was still fresh and Green which indicate its Anti-ripening effects and it could stay on the Tree at least another 2 days longer if unplucked.                             
  2. It was observed that the ‘Peel’ of the Papaya was very thin and the Ripening effect was from ‘Outside’ Peel into the ‘Flesh’ texture of the Papaya was fresh and firmed.
  3. It was so thin and mature that the ‘Peel’ could be eaten if desired.
  4. The ‘Flesh’ of the Papaya with good texture was still firmed, fresh, sweet and juicy.
  5. When eaten, the whole Papaya was sweet; normally with untreated Papaya the Anterior core section will not be sweet and more challenging to eat it compare to the Posterior Section.
  6. It had shown that the Acupuncture effects managed to overcome the Gravitational (G) Force or even exceed the ‘G’ Force of 9.81kg/N.
  7. Also, my hypothesis is that the Acupuncture effect had created a magnetic field around the Papaya Tree which prevents the Birds & Insects from attacking the fruits.
  8. It seems that the Magnetic effects around the tree could also reflect the UV components of the Sunlight thus it delays the Papayas from ripening or anti-ripening effect.
  9. The Acupuncture Effect could be expose the Papayas to the Elements without insects and birds attack.


Comparison :
In order to ascertain the Acupuncture Effects, a comparison was made to check out if there was a difference before between the Treated and non-Treated Papayas. A reasonable size and partially ripe Papaya was bought at a local supermarket and was left for about 3 days; and on the 4th day it observed that the papaya was already ripened!

Observation :

When the Papaya was cut on the 4th day, the following were observed :

  1. When the Papaya was cut, it was found that the ‘Peel’ was still not ripened.
  2. The inside Texture of the Papaya was totally ripened.           
  3. It could be seen that the process of Ripening was different from the Acupunctured Papaya. The untreated Papaya ripen from inside to the outside as against the treated Papaya.
  4. It would not be possible to eat the Peel as it was still ‘Raw’.
  5. The Anterior Core was different from the Acupunctured Papaya Core which was already mature.
  6. Although the Peel was still not totally ripen but if it was to be kept for another 3 days, it would not be possible to eat the Papaya.


Conclusion :
It was observed that the Acupuncture Effect had a very powerful influence on the Papaya Tree as below :

  1. It built up a powerful Magnetic Field or Aural around the Tree and when the Papayas when exposed to the Elements.
  2. This could be the reason why the Birds and Insects did not attack the Papayas.
  3. The Needles Effects enables the Papayas to delay its Ripening due to the deflection of the UV deflection of the Sunlight. Thus, the Papaya could be ripening naturally from the external Peel to the Inside Texture of the Papaya.
  4. The Needle Effect had a strong influence on the Papaya as it overcome or exceed the Gravitational (G) Force, although  the Papayas were fully ripen but it did not drop to the ground. It does delay the ripening process of the Papaya.
  5. As compared to an untreated Papaya, the effects are totally different.
  6. Therefore, there is a possibility of delay Ageing of our Human Body when one receives Acupuncture treatment.


The following Observation had trigger amazement and warrant further research into it as below:

  1. It had been observed that the ‘innocent’ Acupuncture Needles had a role in defying the Laws of Gravity as seen on the ripen papayas.
  2. The Natural ripening of the Papaya indicates that needles energy is Magnetic thus it has an ‘Yin’ action whereas the papaya ripen naturally into ‘yellow’ color like any bananas experiment.
  3. The powerful Acupuncture Effect had created a strong Magnetic effect or Aural around the papaya tree thus it prevents insects, birds and most importantly it overcome the Gravitational force thus prevented the papayas from falling.
  4. There is a high possibility that long term treatment of Acupuncture on human body could also bring about an Anti-ageing effect.

Thus, I called upon more Practitioners and Clinicians to look into this subject and propose more research to be carried out to discover the remarkable Acupuncture Effects and also to produce nutritious fruits and its natural Ripening process or Anti-ageing effect as shown on the Photos.  As the effects of the Acupuncture Effect could reduce wrinkles and tightening skin naturally are not new thus it had a role to play in the Anti-ageing effect on body and  enable us to have good health!

Reference: The 4th International Congress of Traditional Medicine 2007
                     17-19 November 2007
                     Suntec Singapore

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