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A patient suffering from a range of problems resulting in Agoraphobia soon quits taking medical drugs and finds inner energy balance:

Dear Doctor Lim,

Indeed, it is my priviledge to meet you here in Singapore. Never imagined that you would change my life. The disorder created a havoc in my life and you made me see the sunshine after a long terrible darkness. It was incredible.

I am thankful to you and I am seeing the gradual changes in myself. My body is stabilized and I am able to connect my body and soul.

I had this "so called Panic Disorder", since last year Jun 08. Panic disorder have a series of intense episodes of extreme anxiety like rapid heartbeat, perspiration, dizziness, dyspnea, trembling, uncontrollable fear hyperventilation, hot/cold flashes, numbness, tingling sensation, electric shock like sensation, nausea, constriction on the spine, head and chest. These were on a regular basis, sometimes daily or weekly or forthnight, since Jan 08 and lasted as long as half an hour to an hour or until medical intervention (Alprazolam 0.5 mg). Indeed, I had a tough time when I was in meeting/presentation/training.

Gradually, I started developing so called "Agoraphobia" and it was one of the most horrible experience I had to deal with.

Doctors did their best but also imposed that all these horrible and scary symptoms were created by my imagination. This statement broke me emotionally and physically. I never thought of these scary symptoms in my life.

One of the doctor prescribed Revotril, Etizolam and the other pyschiatrist changed the medicine and prescribed Serta and Anxit (Xanax Family). Serta made me go through hell, rather than stabilizing my body rhythm. I couldn't even stop Serta (Zoloft) since the medicine had terrible withdrawal symptoms. Tapering off from 125 mg to 100mg to 75 mg to 50 mg was a big time nightmare.

Doctors couldn't understand why it was happening and why I was unable to do Yoga, meditation or any form of exercise-Brisk walking/jogging, which I used to do for many years. Gradually, I started getting mild to extreme anxiety attack after meditation/Yoga since March 08 and since Sep 08, I was completely off the track.

May God be always with you. Today is the 10th session and I already started tapering the medicine to 0.25 mg.
Thanks doctor! I know, after few days I'll be out of Zoloft.


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