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Dr. Genevieve Torres attended the Aesthetic Acupuncture Course

I'm very satisfied with the course outline.  The course outline was well organized and the materials given as well. You are experienced enough to share your knowledge of the science with additional twists (like using laser) to the skill.  After taking up your course I was quite confident in treating patients even if I haven't formally gotten my certificate here in the Philippines (certificate will be given this month).  With the knowledge you shared, I gained more insight into the proper treatment protocol of diseases/problems and I'm quite happy with the results that my patients gain from it. 

I was fortunate to have been able to stick needles into your cousin and you,  Of course the best part of the course is the hands-on application.  It was also nice that I experienced the treatment myself.  So i could gauge the treatment for myself.

I will recommend the course to colleagues that are interested no doubt about it.  Maybe in time some colleagues will be flying in to see you.  But for the meantime, I need to master my skill so I won't be a disappointment!  So far, so good but still needs practice! 


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