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This patient suffered from Lower Back Pain, shoulder pain and sleep-disorder.

Hi Doc

MOHAMAD NOR RIZAN – Singapore Only Professional Boxer

As a professional boxer the intensity of training daily and preparing for a fight is very tough and demanding.


Before I started my treatment at Laser Acupuncture by Mr. Rodney Lim,

I had a lot of health issues and injuries even during my training - Lower Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, difficulties in sleeping... the works. My sleep at night and resting period wasn't good, in fact, very restless. My strained muscle recovery rate was slow and my strength and performance was restricted.


As a Professional Athlete, rest is very essential for growth and recovery in order for us to be in the best physical condition for peak performance. I was introduced to Mr. Rodney Lim of The Laser Technology Acupuncture after a grueling match in Singapore on the 16th Jan 2010 which I won by unanimous decision in the 6th round. After a few treatment sessions I experienced significant muscle recovery and low levels of Stress Hormone. I can rest better and I feel stronger. My Stamina and Energy has also increased noticeably. The nagging lower Back and Shoulder Pain has reduced tremendously. As a result I am now in the best ever performance/strength condition.

On 16th Jul 2010, I fought a Pro Boxing match at Bangkok, Thailand. There was a last minute change and I was matched to fight a much younger opponent 2 weight divisions heavier than me. I was calm, relax and won the fight by KO in 5th round. It is amazing that after being treated with this Laser Technology, my health and fitness have improved overall. The results and increased Confidence has enhanced my ability to perform better and better to achieve the best performance I can.

Thanks to Mr. Rodney Lim's Laser Acupuncture, I am able to excel in my professional boxing career.



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