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Patient suffering from FREQUENT SEVERE migraineS:

Dear Mr Lim,

This Letter is to thank you for your treatment on my migraine and although I’m still not fully recovered, I felt that my migraine is already under control. I’ll like to share the following experience with all your other patients.

I’ve been a “migraine sufferer” for the past 30 years. Throughout these years, I’ve seen many doctors, neurologist, went for scanning of the head and also to Traditional Chinese doctors as well as needle acupuncture. For the western doctors, they can provide only a temporary solution through pain killers but that does not solve the root cause of my problem. I’m also on TCM for more than 2 years but I’ll still get the migraine attack once I stop the medication.

After my 10th treatment with you, my migraine attack seemed to be reduced, from every two days to alternate weeks. To me, this is already a blessing! After the next 10 treatments, I can even cut down my migraine drug, cafegot and synflex to only panadol. This is another great achievement as panadol can never stop my migraine attacks previously.

To be honest, many people will not understand how this laser acupuncture works. Unlike needles, it is not pain, you don’t feel anything during the treatment. The only way for me to monitor is whether my attack frequency reduced after my treatment. I know that nothing is magical and will not work within a short period of time. But based on my last 20 treatments, I already felt that it’s definitely working on me!

I’ll continue the treatment and hope that one day, I’ll never have another migraine attack.

Thanks for your help and wish you the best in the future!

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