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Formerly chronically afflicted with Sinusitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, irregular periods and frequent aches and pains in neck, shoulder, back and legs:

By Ms Mary Tan, a Retail Consultant

When I first sought help from Mr Rodney Lim of Laser Accupunture Centre, it was only for a chronically stiff neck and "frozen" shoulder.

A good friend had guaranteed that with the unique mix of his caring and affable personality, deep accupuncture knowledge and penetrating laser technology, Lim's cure would not only be quite painless but also "fix" my problem once and for all.

And a permanent solution was what I was desperately seeking, after having been to masseuse and all kinds of physio-therapists for this problem from the time it began to plague me about 2 decades ago.

Well, what my friend had predicted not ony turned out to be true, even better than that, along the way, Lim's treatment has also managed to alleviate my life-long sinusitis malaise, irritable bowel syndrome of 23 years & hormonal imbalance of 6 months.

After completing my first course of 12 laser accupuncture laser sessions and now mid-way into my second course, I need only swallow the occasional decongestant as my nose is no longer blocked or runny every day while my digesttive tract also bloats minimally (instead of daily) and constant constipation has become a thing of the past

Most unexpectedly and thankfully for me too, even my periods have become problem-free and regular again, at last!

In testimony to Lim's patient and thorough personality, It must also be said that on top of consulting him for "zapping" by his lasers for about half and hour to 45 minutes every week or two, he also managed to gently nag me into drinking more water that I've ever drunk in my life, eating 5 mini hot meals a day, going to bed at 11 pm as often as I can and taking a bath before 9 pm every night.

Committing to making the major lifestyle changes he recommended alongside minimal time at his clinic getting painlessly treated by his lasers (compared to other forms of treatment which I have sought) has definitely improved the quality of my life beyond what I could've hoped for, when I first consulted him.

This is one time when a pain in the neck - which is all that I'd thought I was initially suffering from - has affected my health for the better!

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