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This patient suffered from Body Excessive Sweating , Sleep-Disorder and the habit of smoking:

Thanks Mr. Rodney Lim of Laser Acupuncture Centre
Dear Sir.

Thanks a lot your mail.
As regards, my personal chronic diseases are as follows.
1) My sweating was my great concern and has been almost completely iredicated. Though still I am sweating little bit at times, it's absolutely normal as I compare it with my friends.
2) Sleep-disorder is no more in existence for last one month.
3) Meantime, I have quit the awful habit SMOKING This is really an outstanding achievement that I had by dint of your acupuncture treatment and of course my will-power too.
Frankly speaking, I didn't deserve to be 100%   cured by only one month's acupuncture treatment. Even then God has blessed me enough to be so.

I am also grateful to you for the generosity and sympathy you showed to me during treatment.

May God bless you Sir.
Best Regards
Sumon Raja

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