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LOwer back pain

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people see a health care provider. It has been estimated that roughly 80% of the world's population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, with the lower back being the dominant location of pain. As Acupuncture is renounced for being extremely effective in managing pain, Back Pain along with Migraines and Stroke Rehabilitation, are issues we have successfully treated in numerous satisfied patients of Laser Acupuncture Centre.

Back Pain has disparate origins and its levels and location varies in individuals. Consequently, it is difficult to find a definite way to eradicate pain in every sufferer. Pain Killers and surgeries are suggested in extreme cases, but these can be quite expensive and may have side effects. It is our goal that Back Pain sufferers discover the benefits of painless laser acupuncture treatment in dealing with the pain and eventually solving the issue altogether.

There are numerous types of painkillers, which diminish pain simply by masking it. However, painkillers for back pain are notorious for having severe side effects including stomach bleeding and allergies. Very common side effects such as nausea, dizziness and drowsiness are especially negative if your daily work requires much concentration and eventually can adversely impact your career. The fact of the matter is, pills cannot treat back pain and chronic sufferers need to solve the root cause of the pain.

Fortunately, We can help you.

At Laser Acupuncture Centre, we troubleshoot the Human body to diagnose the root causes and approach the problems holistically and focus on Natural healing.  By applying this philosophy and channelling these concepts into our treatment, we help promote overall healing and eliminate pain. Our treatment involves the combination of the effects of our class 3b high/low powered Lasers with acupuncture. You will literally feel less pain after just one session. The positive feedback we receive is astounding; we only hope more people will discover our ways of treating the human body.

For now, here are some tips to help you deal with the pain.

Heat therapy is known to be an effective means of curing back pain. Many believe that moist heat works best. A hot tub or a warm soaked towel placed over the location of pain may just do the trick to diminish pain but only temporarily. Should this be unsuccessful we recommend you seek professional help.

Stress, posture and emotional causes often contribute to back pain. Whether brought about by hormonal changes or purely just a stressful week at work, back pain can be treated by changing your work schedules and taking some time off each day to relax. Try to refrain from ingesting painkillers as you do your body more harm than good. Adding on, as we cannot determine the nature of your back pain, we do not recommend exercising excessively.

The above is solely a guideline you could follow to aid you in diminishing back pain. However, it is important to treat the core cause of the problem and not just the pain itself. Book an appointment with us today and give our Painless Laser Treatment a try!

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