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Skin Problems

Addressing problems beneath the surface

What is it?

The type of skin problems routinely seen include pigmented lesions, acne and scars, facial wrinkles, open pores, dark eye rings, eye wrinkles, and / or eye bags. Certain individuals may suffer from symptoms of  double chin, skin sagging, and pigmented lesions.


The Causes?

  1. laser acupuncture centre Hormonal changes
  2. laser acupuncture centre Photo Ageing/Wrinkling
  3. laser acupuncture centre Poor Skin Care due to ignorance
  4. laser acupuncture centre Dehydration and under medications
  5. laser acupuncture centre Abnormal Lifestyle
  6. laser acupuncture centre Chronological Ageing


Who is affected?

Both male and female clients in their teens, adults, middle-aged individuals, as well as senior citizens can be affected by skin problems.

A regime of skin care products complemented with the cutting-edge technology of lasers, IPL, coupled with the use of the radio frequency device and acupuncture will aid greatly in the alleviation of such symptoms.


See, acne is a widespread problem that many Teenagers and young Adults are confronted with and it can be difficult to treat if serious. It is recommended that you start treatment early which is essential before scars developed.  Just like Back Pain and other Sports injuries, Acne is an issue we encounter frequently at Laser Acupuncture Centre.

In today’s modern urban environment, people lead stressful lives and tend to pay less attention to their health, relying on the Doctors and his prescriptions to treat any Health problems.  With the sprouting of Fast-Food outlets all around the world, fried and extremely unhealthy food becomes a part of many people’s lives.  As a result, Health issues such as Acne had become a problem to certain individuals. Many Doctors recommend Antibiotics as a confirmed road to recovery. However, these pills are frequently ineffective and often damage to the Intestinal tracts and may affect the Internal Organs such as Spleen and Liver Deficiency.

A frequent prescription for chronic Acne sufferers is Accutane. This pill replenishes body’s vitamin A deficit and promises to cure Acne within 3 months.  Unfortunately, many users are unaware of this pill’s severe side effects. Manufacturing company of Accutane has been blamed and sued for various cases of suicide and chronic depression. For female users, it can cause misconception, life-threatening Birth defects and lead to Infertility in the long run.

Fortunately, we have a solution to assist you!

At Laser Acupuncture Centre, we troubleshoot the Human body to diagnose the root causes and approach the problems holistically and focus on Natural healing.  With our concept and philosophy in our treatment, we help the body recover faster, balance hormonal levels and de-stress the mind which should eventually diminish your breakouts and begin the healing process on your skin.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Firstly, you should eat a Balanced diet and avoid fried and processed food or eat minimally. Eat lots of fresh Fruits, Vegetables and drink plenty of water.  These should help to detoxify the body getting rid of excess toxins rapidly. Although that will not eliminate your acne completely, it will help the body function better and hence keep your Skin healthy, nourished and hydrated.
Secondly, leading a Healthy Lifestyle and the correct sleeping habits is crucial.  Stress is a major contributor to Acne and working late nights, lacking enough sleep can facilitate it. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each day and schedule some time off each day just to kick back and relax and ease your mind. Your body would be thankful to you for it.

By following the above guidelines, you'll be taking the first steps towards leading a healthier lifestyle and improve your bodily functions.



laser acupuncture centre treatment
laser acupuncture centre treatment




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