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laser acupuncture centre


Facial acupuncture done on a regular basis improves facial contours as well as improving skin texture and appearance. The result is an often amazingly younger looking face with a healthier complexion. Your facial skin also becomes noticeably more firmed looking and toned.

Aside from relaxing you, facial acupressure comes with some rather unexpected health benefits to boot. Our faces have multiple acupuncture points that are all connected to other parts of our bodies. When doing facial acupuncture, you also get to target specific pressure points that will benefit other areas of your body as well.

In our Skin Revitalization treatments, we combine the use of our very effective high and low power lasers with needle acupuncture. Treatment lasts about 60 - 90 minutes depending on prior arrangements. Patients feel energized and refreshed after treatment with always positive feedback.


lac How to use acu-pressure for a quick facelift

lac Cosmetic Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture


aesthetic uses of lasers

We also use lasers in our skin revitalization package. To find out more about the aesthetic uses of lasers, read Mr Lim's article "Aesthetic Uses of Laser" here.


For a full revitalization of the face, try our Skin Micro-Dermoabrasion. (find out more)


Through IPL, wrinkles appear lless deep and gives patient a clean look

laser acupuncture treatment
laser acupuncture centre
laser acupuncture centre treatment

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