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Sweaty Palms & Feet Problem

What causes Sweaty Palms & Feet?

This happens when a person is weak and deficiency in the Vital Energy of Qi & Blood circulation. Also, usually there are deficiency of the Yin Energy of the Heart, Lungs, Spleen, Kidney and Liver. With stress and anxiety it could sweat profusely and sometimes, it also runs in the family. In simple term, it means that the Body “Thermostad” is malfunction. If a person from the Equator is sent in the middle of Siberia or Vice Versa, that person will be able to cope if given some thick clothing because our Body would be able to regulate the heat in our system to face the harsh environment. Once the Body “Thermostad” is faulty then the sweating may begin uncontrollably as the Body does not have the ability to regulate the fluid or sweat.


How is the remedy?

The remedy we use in Laser Acupuncture is to strengthen the vital Organs of the Heart to improve Blood circulation, Lungs, Spleen, Kidney, Liver and its Vital Energy to restore the Body temperature to regulate the Body fluid. The Laser Energy is the Purest of Light Energy, it is one of the best modality to treat when the problem involves with Blood circulation and its Vital Energy. The effect is even better when we apply this Pure Laser Energy into an Acupoints as the efficacy is increased tremendously. Once the Yin Energy is more in Harmony on the system, sweating will reduced and depending on the duration of the problem, treatment up to a year may be recommended to totally resolved the problem.


Results :

We had helped many clients with such problems and each responded very well with our treatment. Try it and feel the difference!


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