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laser acupuncture centre

treatments - women's wellness

Laser Acupuncture Treatments help eliminate some problems experienced by Women of any age including:

- Anorgasmia (without orgasm)
- Loss of sensitivity
- Pregnancy
- Many other related issues

Anorgasmia, as the condition is known, tends to bend with simple stimulation training. But not all of those women are able to climax through standard methods of treatment. The vibrator is not a universal panacea. Apparently, a small group of women are absolutely cryogenic below the waist and find stimulation in this area painful. Until recently they seemed hopelessly anorgasmic.

Now there is hope even for the worst cases. After laser treatment 50% percent of patients are able to climax through stimulation and the rest loose pain and uncomfortable sensations in that area.

reproductive health

Doctors report that old-fashioned, common-sense advice to just relax may actually work to help some women get pregnant. - reuters

laser acupuncture reproductive health
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ACUPUNCTURE HELPS Mariah Carey Conceive

November 4, 2010,

laser acupuncture mariah carey

Basking in the bliss ofmpending motherhood, Mariah Carey and 30-year old hubby Nick Cannon have revealed how acupuncture helped her conceive.

Seeing Carey’s face when they learned she was pregnant “was priceless,” Cannon recalls. “We definitely cried. We still cry all the time. It’s an emotional journey.”

This was great news that the couple was waiting for since Carey’s miscarriage in August 2009, after which she feared that she would never have a baby.

The singer dismissed speculation doing the rounds that she had IVF (In vitro fertilization) for conception, but admits to having taken the hormone progesterone, which boosts fertility and helps sustain pregnancy in women prone to miscarriage. Nevertheless, the couple believes it was the acupuncture sessions, which she took regularly once a day, that helped her de-stress, which is a very important factor for women was trying to conceive. Carey said she picked the cue from Celine Dion who spoke about this in a magazine interview. That was how she decided to put her body through the cleansing process and readied herself for pregnancy.



Danielle and Gavin Smith now have the family they had prayed for, with a two year old son named Isaiah and his sister on the way.

But it was an emotional and grueling four-year journey for the South Florida couple. After being diagnosed with endometriosis and going through surgery, Danielle's endometriosis came back.

laser acupuncture helps conceive

"I had completely given up on getting pregnant because I wasn't willing to make it a science project," said Danielle. "With all the fertility treatments that we had tried, we just accepted the fact that it was not meant to be for me."

Determined not to go through anymore trauma, Danielle met with Dr. Farrar Celada a licensed Acupuncturist and was introduced to acupuncture. After three months of treatment, Dr. Celada gave her the news she was hoping for: she was pregnant.

Acupuncture, frequently used with Chinese herbal medicine, has been around for centuries. Dr. Celada said the practice of Acupuncture is now becoming more mainstream. A scientific study showed that overall, women who got the treatment were 65-percent more successful in getting pregnant than women who did not.

A calming and less invasive procedure that Danielle now swears by after conceiving twice.

Article from: NBC MIAMI
By: Sharon Lawson

article on anorgasmia

Below is a summarised version of the article French physician, Dr J.W. has high tech cure for absolutely non-orgasmic women.


Women without orgasm have good prospect for cure. Anorgasmia, as the condition is known, lends to bend with simple stimulation training.

But not all of these women are able to achieve climax through standard methods of treatment. The vibrator is not a universal panacea. Apparently, a small group of women are absolutely cryogenic below the waist and find stimulation in this area painful. Until recently, they seemed hopelessly anorgasmic.

Now there is hope for the worst cases. According to Dr J.W. , director of the Institute of Sexology in Paris, lasers can melt totally frigid women and render then orgasmic for the first time in their lives.

Last year, Dr. Waynberg cast a laser beam on 20 women who had never had an orgasm. In two months, six of his patients climaxed during stimulation and seven others no longer felt pain.

Dr. Waynberg’s work is still experimental. Yet it appears to be a creative breakthrough in sex medicine. As the following interview reveals, this French sexologist likes to think in original terms.

“If a woman wants to have an orgasm, she has to work hard for it. This was true 100,000 years ago and it is still true.”

Forum: Sexologists are rare in France. How did you get interested in the field?

Waynberg: When I was a young boy, perhaps 12 or 13, I began reading psychology books. Very soon I realized that only books about sex appealed to me. This interest had nothing to do with my personal life. I was no different from the other boys.

Forum: Except you was a sexual prodigy.

Warnberg: In some sense, I suppose. If you want to be creative in any field, you must feel a vocation from an early age. It’s the same in science as in music and art. From the time I was an adolescent I knew that sexology was my vocation.

Forum:                 So how did you become a sexologist in a country that did not recognize the field?

Waynberg: After taking degrees in medicine, biology, psychology and science, I went for further training in the United States. In 1968, I came to the United States to train with Masters and Johnson. I also took workshops at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. I must have made 15 trips to the states in the early 70s. Then in 1974 with a small group of researches we established a French association of sexologists. I was vice-president. Two years later, I founded the Institute of Sexology in Paris.

Forum: What is happening at your Institute these days?

Waynberg: Because we are not supported by government grants, we continue to do our work in training sexologists and therapists. On occasion, companies will underwrite certain projects like the laser research.

Forum: So do you have sex therapy practice yourself?

Waynberg: I started treating patients with sex problems in 1974, both privately and at the St. Antoine Hospital in Paris. Since then, I have maintained a practice including patients from the lowest level to the highest level of society.

Forum: How did you come to think that lasers might be useful in treating inorgasmic women?

Waynberg: A discovery depends on two things: scientific background and something that originates in adolescence. I would like to explain first the scientific side of the problem and then the logic of the laser. I am very involved in the prehistorically approach to human sexual behavior. For example, female arousal is useful but female orgasm is useless in evolutionary terms. If a woman wants an orgasm, not just a sexual arousal, she has to work hard for it. This was true 100,000 years ago and it is still true. However, a young girl usually learns that touching her genitals is something special. Is she makes this discovery; she could have her first orgasm at two.

Forum: That sounds rather early.

Waynberg: Maybe three. In my opinion, it is necessary to be orgasmic by then will be frigid when she grows up.

Forum: Are you saying that baby girls would find this pleasure naturally if they weren’t taught by society to stay from that area?

Waynberg: Yes

Forum: And what is your evidence for that?

Waynberg: I hear it in my patients. They are the main sources of my stories. Actually, many women say that they had an orgasm before five.

Forum: When you say a woman will be frigid is she doesn’t have an orgasm by five, surely you don’t mean all women without an orgasmic childhood will never have orgasms in later life.

Waynberg: No, you are correct. I mean something else. I will explain. In terms of orgasms, there is a huge difference between males and females. Once men are aroused, ejaculation is obligatory. This is a genetic program. But female sexuality is programmed differently. Their sexual arousal is not at all built to create the excitation that leads to orgasm.

Forum: Why not?

Waynberg: Because female orgasms are not necessary for conception.

Forum: A woman’s egg is fertilized whether she climaxes or not. Men, on the other hand, cannot do their evolutionary duty without having an orgasm. Since nature tends to discard useless function, why does female orgasm exist?

Waynberg: I don’t know the answer today. If we go back to the idea of the young girl who has discovered genital pleasure, we see an important physiological consequence-an increased blood flow to the pelvis especially the genitals and the skin of the clitoris. This pleasure reflex can easily be inhibited during childhood or adolescences, when the awakening of the body is thwarted by taboos or psychological problems. This reflex, however, can be relearned through stimulation training. After a while, it becomes a conditioned reflex; later on in life, when a woman becomes sexually aroused, the blood will flow automatically to the genital area. If this training is lacking-despite love, desire and sexual techniques-orgasm is almost impossible. A woman can be physically stimulated for two hours and use her vibrator until the batteries wear out, but the blood flow to her clitoris will not increase.

Forum: As you know, your former teachers Masters and Johnson claimed a high cure rate for inorgasmia through stimulation.

Waynberg: These women were not inorgasmic in my sense of the world. In the scientific community, we frequently don’t use the same word for the same thing. For me, premature ejaculation, for instance, varies greatly in meaning. But my definition is very precise-ejaculation in less than three seconds. I define inorgasmia precisely a woman who has never had an orgasm as a young girl, adolescent, or mature women, never ever. Even touching the clitoris is painful.

Forum: In your experience, how many women have complete inorgasmia?

Waynberg: I could say with certainly around 10 percent. But at age 20, the figure may be as high as 30 percent. Between the ages of 20 and 30, most of these inorgasnmic women cure themselves through stimulation, but it’s difficult.

Forum: So there are degrees on inorgasmia?

Waynberg: Yes, there are degrees, but the worst one is painful. Pain is the definition of inorgasmia in my mind.

Forum: Why do some women cure themselves and others not?

Waynberg: Probably because these women have had some kind of training in the past. For example, they tell me that they felt something like electricity in their genitals when they were doing gymnastics in school. Sometimes they may have touched themselves a little bit without coming to orgasm but also without experiencing pain. These women can be self cured by stimulation exercises. However, 10 percent of my patients cannot be cured.

“In the successful cases, after three or four weeks, pleasurable sensation and orgasm through stimulation occur.”

Forum: Can this incredibly inorgasmic group enjoy sex at all?

Waynberg: Clitoris stimulation is painful and so is sex after a awhile. They complain that intercourse is too long; they prefer to have premature ejaculators for lovers. Everything is cold for them.

Forum: What’s wrong with them?

Waynberg: The artencs in the genitals doesn’t open up. The nervous system doesn’t give the right order. I was frustrated treating such women. Everything I recommended they had already tried without success. And then I had as intuition. I thought that if the body is not doing the work, perhaps we could artificially create blood flow to the genital with a laser.

Forum: But doesn’t lasers burn?

Waynberg: No. Not the techniques that I use. There are three kind of lasers used in medicine. Soft lasers that do no penetrate deeply are used mainly by dermatologists. Mid-lasers go deeper into tissue but do not burn. I use the mid-laser in my treatment and the women feel absolutely nothing.

Forum: Exactly how does your treatment work?

Waynberg: I apply the lasers to the genital area for four minutes, three times a week for six to eight weeks. In the evening when the patient returns home, she stimulates herself physically. The pain seems to disappear, and in the successful cases, after three or four weeks, pleasurable sensation and orgasm through stimulation occurs.

Forum: What do you think the laser does physiologically to cure inorgasmia?

Waynberg: It probably creates an artificial blood flow and overcomes the lack of nerve responses through micro-electric vibration.

Forum: How many women have you cured with the laser method?

Waynberg: Last December I treated a group of 20 inorgasmic women. After the trial was complete, 13 women were cured. Six were able to reach orgasm by stimulation two to three weeks after the treatment stopped. Seven others felt pleasure instead of pain for the first time when they touched themselves and felt confident that they would be able to reach orgasm in the near future.

Forum: What about the failures? Is there any hope for them?

Waynberg: Five women made no progress at all because of serious psychological and marital problems and two others dropped out completely. The women who were not cured lacked of self-confidence and were not comfortable confronting their inorgasmia. Once there women gain more confidence and feel more comfortable with stimulation training, I would administer the laser method again. This would be at least one to two weeks after termination of the last treatment. In the meantime, I recommend marital and sex therapy for these women.

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